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Founded in 1893, the Exmouth Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Exmouth CCI) has evolved into a contemporary and forward-thinking entity. Committed to advancing local business activities and collaborating with the entire community, our organisation is at the forefront of driving economic growth in the region.

As the “voice of business” in our local community, the Chamber actively addresses a wide spectrum of issues. From navigating day-to-day business opportunities and challenges to influencing regional infrastructure and community affairs, Exmouth CCI is deeply engaged in fostering a thriving business environment.

Our service to members and the community is based on the ECCI playing a leading role in the promotion and development of the region and connecting local businesses to engage in mutually beneficial relationships both within the region and throughout the state of Western Australia.

Our Vision – The Change We Want to Achieve

Exmouth Chamber of Commerce and Industry – driving sustainability between the Ningaloo environment, lifestyle and local business.

Our Mission – What is our role in the future

The Exmouth CCI will continue to advocate for economic outcomes by supporting Exmouth businesses to create connections and build resilience.

Focus Areas

  • Connecting and supporting business 
  • Advocacy and communication 
  • Financial sustainability and facilitation 
  • Governance 

Our Values

We foster and uphold respectful relationships that honor the culture and values of our community, while also producing positive social and economic results.

One Team

Our shared purpose inspires us. We respect each other’s opinions and value different views. We are inclusive, value diversity and work towards a common goal for the greater good of our community.

We Care

We listen and respond with humility. We respect the environment and care for our community. We adapt to change, working towards a strong economy and business operating environment. 


We explore ideas, find creative solutions, and try new ways of doing things to meet our local community’s needs.

Results Matter

We go after opportunities and show courage by taking suitable risks and learning from our mistakes. We spend and invest as if it’s our money. We are proud of what we have achieved for our community.

Build and Maintain Trust

We nurture relationships and act with integrity – doing what we say and doing it well. But, with working together as the end goal, trust must come first, be built over time and never be taken for granted.