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As supporters of economic vitality in our business community, we also acknowledge our responsibility to bring about mutual and sustainable social outcomes that enhance the liveability of our local community.

Our local community thrives on a robust business landscape, which is why we strive to enhance its capacity and potential through our collaborative advocacy and support service. The Exmouth CCI is committed to supporting Exmouth businesses in fostering connections and building resilience, which, in turn, promotes economic outcomes. We invest in the ongoing support and promotion of businesses, people, and the culture of Exmouth.

We firmly believe that by taking a cohesive approach, we can achieve our goals:

  • Enhance liveability, which helps to retain and grow our town
  • Encourage investment in our local school system
  • Create opportunities for our youth through quality education and employment pathways
  • Help local community groups and sporting organisations establish a sustainable funding model
  • Support women living and working in remote regional locations by providing access to support and career pathways
  • Increase our local workforce by promoting additional childcare facilities
  • Find solutions to provide access to mental health support and education for our community
  • Advocate for government and private investors to unlock additional affordable housing for our community
  • Build local resilience by creating a sustainable community.

We advocate on behalf of our members for change. For over 23 years the Exmouth CCI is the voice for businesses and champions the need for a good policy to ensure our local community’s interests and kept top of mind through local, state and federal government.

The Exmouth CCI assist all industry types utilising our portfolio of contacts we represent our members by shedding light on concerns ensuring they are heard by the right industry leaders.

Recent Advocacy Projects

  • Designated Area Migration Agreement
  • Melbourne to Exmouth Direct Flights
  • Exmouth Workers Accommodation
  • Access affordable TAFE Scheme for all Working Holiday Makers
  • Payroll Tax
  • Total Solar Eclipse Business Support Packages (grants and training)

The Exmouth CCI Is a member of the Western Australian Chamber of Commerce and also the Regional Chambers of Commerce WA. Our CEO, Sarah Booth, is also an Executive Board Member for the Regional Chambers of Commerce, providing an elevated platform for our local businesses. Our organisation’s involvement with these groups serves as a testament to the collective strength of our members and the positive change we can effect when we work together.