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$180,000 for Exmouth School Playground

Currently, the only playground equipment at Exmouth District High School (EDHS) is located in the kindy/pre-primary area or is only available for Year 1 & 2 students to play on. This means that students from years 3 to 10 have no climbing equipment to play on – that represents 66% of the year groups. The school provides balls and sporting equipment for the students to play with, and some students chose to go to the library at recess and lunch but these are the only options.

The need for additional external play spaces was highlighted in a survey of parents conducted in 2019 with 47% of respondents wanting more playground equipment for the students, combined with 65% wanting more shade available.

For all the health, learning, social and wellbeing benefits, the P&C have been actively seeking funding to provide our local kids as well as future year groups, with exciting, challenging and age-appropriate playground equipment.

The ECCI is pleased to announce that we have successfully secured $20,000 from BHP and $50,00.00 from Santos to help supplement the $30,000 fundraised by the dedicated P&C team.

Post conversations with the Hon. Roger Cook last month. This week the ECCI also received an official response from the Hon. Sue Ellery MLC Minister for Education & Training committed a further $110,000.00 to the EHDS Playground Equipment Project.

With $87,500 still required to finish the project, the ECCI will continue to help the EDHS and the P&C to see this project completed.

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