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2023 Shop Local Competition

Your business is invited to participate in the upcoming Shop Local Christmas Competition (Raffle)!

As a Chamber, we wish to engage with our community and encourage the growth of your local business. This exciting initiative will encourage both locals and visitors to shop in Exmouth this Christmas/ holiday season (rather than shop out of town or online).

Below is the outline of the concept.

Shop Local – Christmas Competition
The competition will run from the 13th of November 2023 until 31 December 2023.
The point of the competition is to encourage people who live/visit or work in Exmouth to shop local, as well as to encourage people who live out of town to come to Exmouth to do their shopping at Christmas time.
We want to grow our local businesses and be an active regional Chamber that genuinely cares about the community.

The Background Basics
Participating businesses contribute $150 each ($249 for a non-Chamber member). Which goes to the prize pool for the customer, the advertising component (paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram), to administration costs.
The only method of entry is to spend in-store at participating businesses. Customers receive one entry into the draw for every $50 spent in-store.
At the end of the designated competition period, the winners’ names are drawn. The winner receives the grand prize, which is valued at $1,000, with 2nd prize being $500, and the 3rd $200. In addition, participating businesses will be put into the draw to win!

The benefits for our businesses:

  • – Foot traffic – the incentive for shoppers to stay in Exmouth and shop, rather than heading out of town or online.
  • – Up-selling – if someone is spending $80 in-store, the sales staff can encourage them to spend the additional amount to get to the next multiple of $50 to get an extra entry.
  • – Joint advertising – each business is contributing to the overall marketing, so the campaign is larger and more effective than if they did it alone.
  • – Social media campaign for the participating businesses: As part of the competition, participating businesses will also get a feature in the ECCI social posts (Facebook and Instagram), advertising their business and showcasing their Christmas gift ideas currently in stock. We will also be doing a paid campaign to advertise this competition on socials. We have opted for the social media option (rather than radio, TV and print) because it will allow us to reach a wider and more specific audience. It is a modern way of advertising and will also provide us with logistical data for future projects like this.
  • – A raffle draw will also be held for the participating businesses. Prize to be announced! 

If you would like to participate in this festive project, please express your interest via email, call, or come into the Business Hub. Please put in your EOI before 3/11/23, as we begin advertising this initiative on 13/11/22.

Contact us:
08 6374 3888
22 Maidstone Cres, Exmouth 6707

We look forward to starting this fun project with you!

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