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Driving into the Future: Exmouth CCI Joins Horizon Power’s Electric Vehicle Trial

At the forefront of innovation and sustainability, the Exmouth Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Exmouth CCI) proudly announces its participation in the Horizon Power Electric Vehicle (EV) Trial. As one of the four trial partners, we are thrilled to embark on this groundbreaking journey towards a greener, more efficient future.

With our business hub already powered by solar energy, our involvement in the EV trial represents another significant step towards embracing cutting-edge technology and reducing our carbon footprint. Now, not only can we power our operations with clean energy, but we can also extend this eco-friendly approach to our staff’s transportation needs, all thanks to our solar system.

The Horizon Power EV Trial introduces a revolutionary concept known as two-way charging, or bidirectional charging, which enables EVs not only to draw power from the grid but also to feed excess energy back into it. This transformative technology holds immense potential, turning EVs into mobile energy storage units that can help power homes and stabilize the electricity grid.

As part of the trial, Horizon Power will install Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) chargers and utilise the five Nissan Leaf EVs with a range of up to 400km. These chargers will enable us to harness spare EV battery energy to power operations, discharge energy to support household appliances, and even export excess energy back to the grid, contributing to network stability.

The Horizon Power Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS) lies at the heart of this trial, offering unprecedented visibility and control over the energy flow to and from EV batteries. Through rigorous testing and evaluation, Horizon Power aims to demonstrate the feasibility and benefits of integrating EV energy flow into microgrids, paving the way for a more resilient and adaptive power infrastructure.

The Shire of Exmouth, Gascoyne Development Commission, and WA Country Health Service Exmouth join us in this transformative endeavor, highlighting the collaborative spirit and shared commitment to sustainable energy practices in our region. Together, we are pioneering a new era of energy innovation that promises to reshape our community’s energy landscape for the better.

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey towards a cleaner, more sustainable future. Whether you’re interested in taking an EV for a test drive, learning more about the trial, or simply exploring the possibilities of electric vehicles, our doors are open. Together, let’s drive towards a brighter tomorrow powered by clean energy.

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