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Exmouth District High School Year 10 Enterprise Class

The Exmouth Chamber of Commerce is excited to share the hard work from both the staff and students at Exmouth District High School that has gone into creating such an essential curriculum and providing vital skills to our young and upcoming entrepreneurs and the next generation of Exmouth business owners

The Year 10 Curriculum Enterprise subject is now in its third year of delivery at Exmouth District High School, under the supervision of Design and Technology teacher Cameron Brown. The philosophy of the course is to teach students business, employment and life skills, all in the context of a real-life small business.

At the beginning of each year students form small business groups and develop ideas for a business. They develop their business plan including a name, product designs, marketing strategies, production timelines and logistics, budgets, profit margins and forecasts for sales.

Each business member is assigned a position including management, sales, marketing, production and labour. As in the real world, positions are fluid and members can change or apply for new positions. Business groups that have large orders, or have members absent, can ‘borrow’ employees from other business groups under the banner of labour hire. Students are encouraged to reflect on both individual and group performance and improve their systems and productivity on a regular basis.

Student engagement and enthusiasm are extremely high and as the school based businesses grow and develop, the students become very aware of the opportunities that exist for young people to start their own business enterprises. With continued support from the Exmouth community, along with the staff of Exmouth District High School, the Curriculum Enterprise course will continue to grow and hopefully enable our students to reach their potential in the business world.

The students have worked so hard and we would love some support from the Exmouth community, they have a heap of products but now need to work on sales. Stock includes candles, resin jewellery holders, serving boards, wooden salt pigs, wooden bowls and more!

If you are interested in buying something pop into the business hub and check out their display!

The income earned from the sale of products is returned to the Curriculum Enterprise subject to be used to run the course in the following year. In essence, it has become a self–funded course.

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