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Funding Secured for Exmouth’s Only Dedicated High Risk Work Registered Training Organisation.

The Exmouth Chamber of Commerce and Industry is excited to announce they have been successful in securing funding to allow local Exmouth business Base Marine Pty Ltd to work towards becoming a registered training organisation. Through this funding Base Marine will be able to offer essential high-risk work license training to residents and business owners, saving them the current exorbitant costs experienced by them having to travel to Perth to complete such qualifications.

The Exmouth Chamber of Commerce will provide Base Marine $190,000.00 over a period of 3 years to help support this initiative. This incredibly generous donation was made possible by the funding partners Santos and BHP.

Over the next three years Base Marine will work towards becoming a registered training organisation and has a commitment to offering courses such as; Forklift, Elevated work platform, Crane, Dogman’s and Scaffolding. With the possibility to expand in course offerings to further meet the needs of the local community. The first round of courses available will be Forklift and Elevated Work Platform certifications available to the local community as of September 2021.

The staged approach of this project will see Base Marine initially align with a larger training partner to bring the highest standard of training possible to Exmouth from day one. In parallel to this, Base will be developing systems to expand the training scope to ultimately offer a diverse range of courses that will benefit a wide variety of local Exmouth businesses. Additionally this will aim to attract people from the greater region to come to Exmouth for training rather than going to Perth. The end goal is to have a fully established hi-tech training facility in Exmouth that offers leading-edge courses to not only enable locals to uphold Australian Standards through their training but to become industry leaders in their respective fields.

Founded in 2013, Base Marine is a privately owned integrated marine services company that owns and operates the only marine supply base in Exmouth, WA. The base provides a full suite of services to the commercial maritime sector. With a strong focus on service, quality, health and safety and community, Base subcontracts work to local businesses on a regular basis. Base Marine is also home to the largest straddle-carrier style boat lifter in Western Australia. The boat lifting facility has become integral to the Exmouth marine industry, including fishing, oil and gas, tourism and recreational vessels.

The funding provided through the Exmouth Chamber of Commerce will ultimately allow Base Marine to launch the first and only Registered Training Organisation (RTO) dedicated to high-risk work in Exmouth. By registering as an Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) training facility, Base Marine will be able to train local people to carry out high-risk work, using specialised equipment at their Exmouth base.

The funding will assist Base in employing experienced senior personnel accredited to train and assess, upgrade the site to include a state of the art training room and develop teaching materials, to create an environment where members of the community can upskill, retrain, refresh and learn from scratch, the skills and qualifications they require to find employment locally in Exmouth and surrounding areas throughout the region both onshore and offshore.

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