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RCCIWA – COVID Impact Survey Now Open

RCCIWA continues to advocate and in response to member feedback, The Regional Chamber of Commerce is conducting a survey to capture how regional businesses are being or expect to be impacted by the hold on the opening date and the current COVID 19 mandates and requirements for businesses.

The information collected will be used to inform Government to advocate for the appropriate information, advice and support being put in place as we all work towards being able to open up our State. This survey is for all businesses in regional WA. Please share this with any other business owner you may know.

RCCIWA Survey – Impacts on Regional Businesses of COVID 19 Transition and Mandates

Reliable Sources of the most current COVID information and advice for businesses:

  • Important State Government Sites

  • The Chief Health officer is the best for the more technical questions (i.e.: do chefs have to wear a mask?) Please email those questions directly to

What RCCIWA are currently doing:

  • Ensuring all feedback, questions and concerns are sent to the right Government department, agency or either The Premiers office or the

Relevant Minister. The communication with all of these offices has been very strong.

  • They continue to encourage customers to do the right thing and make it easier for those regional WA businesses who are required to check for proof of vaccination.
  • RCCIWA continue to attend industry roundtables of briefings that the Government hold to ensure we have all of the information, voicing the concerns of our members and that the regional chambers remain informed and up to date.
  • If you have any questions we will ensure they go to the right people. Our contacts at RCCIWA have been very successful in getting prompt responses to questions from either the SBDC or the COVID communications team – so please send through any questions you have and we will follow them up straight away.
  • RCCIWA has also asked the Government to do more work on educating and encouraging customers to do the right thing, to ease the burden off businesses and we have also asked for financial assistance for those businesses financially impacted by the border now not opening and the additional costs of checking for proof of vaccination. We will keep you posted on this.

We are proud of the way so many Exmouth businesses have got on with it, are fully prepared and ready to check for proof of vaccination and how prepared they are to do the right thing for the greater good. We really do have an amazing businesses community here in Exmouth.

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